Kids Selling Hand Sanitizer Instead of Lemonade To Combat Coronavirus

When life gives you fears over coronavirus … make some hand sanitizer and sell it at your lemonade stand!!!

Check out these funny pics of two young entrepreneurs in Texas … the kids are putting a twist on the classic suburban lemonade stand by hawking bottles of hand sanitizer for $3 a pop.

These smart salespeople are cashing in on the hand sanitizer craze … as you know, people are stocking up on the stuff over fears of catching coronavirus, and stores across the country are selling out … and they’re taking extra precautions by including their Venmo. Money is dirty!

This lemonade hand sanitizer stand is right outside Austin … makes sense, the city just declared a local disaster and the upcoming SXSW music festival is canceled.

Gotta hand it to these kids, they’re making the most of a bad situation … looks like the country is in great hands!!!

BTW … people know soap is a cheaper and better alternative, right?!?

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