Kieran Culkin Says He Rewarded His Daughter's Cursing With a Treat

When it comes to dropping random F-bombs, Kieran Culkin might be a cursing pro. The “Succession” star defended his swear world title during an appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Aug. 10, in which he didn’t deny the host’s claims of being the “best curser” (a phrase coined by Culkin’s “Succession” castmates). The actor and father of two admitted that his daughter is now at that age where she repeats everything, so, of course, he had a hilarious story to share about her new skill.

“I just let loose, and my daughter will repeat things sometimes,” Culkin said before recalling a time when he cursed while making his kids breakfast. “As I’m making [oatmeal], I just think of something I did at work that could’ve been better, and I just went, ‘F*ck!’ And I hear my daughter go, ‘Daddy, what f*ck is?'” Being the “father of the year” that he is, Culkin said acted like he didn’t hear his daughter curse, but that didn’t stop her from repeating more F-bombs.

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