Kim Kardashian Debuts Her Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs & Fans Are Grossed Out – Watch

Never thought there would be a day where Kim Kardashian would be interested in a pair of Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs (yes it’s a thing) but here we are!

What. Is. Going. On. Here? Kim Kardashian, 39, found a truly unique way to light up our lives on social media when she showed off a present from KFC on her Instagram stories on Thursday, March 5. “I woke up this morning to a delivery from Kentucky Fried Chicken and they are Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs,” the KKW Beauty founder revealed while opening up the glass display to the bizarre footwear. The tag on one of the Crocs specifically said “do not eat” which makes sense as there are fake chicken wings placed towards the front of each shoe. We aren’t kidding. But it gets even more interesting as the Crocs are attached to a platform heel in the KFC colors similar to what The Spice Girls wore back in the 90’s. “Spice Up Your Life” indeed Kim!

The mother-of-four continued talking highly about the footwear as it relates to something near and dear to her heart. “They are introducing new Beyond Meat chicken, so they will now be having, I guess, meatless chicken since I always eat vegan when I’m at home. I went out and had Kentucky Fried Chicken recently and it was amazing! But I don’t really eat meat all the time so this is amazing that they are partnering with Beyond Meat to have meatless chicken.” One of Kim’s kids could be heard whining in the background, presumably over them trying to figure out what they were actually taking a look at.

Social media was just as confused. “That’s absolutely delusional,” Love & Hip-Hop star Bobby Lytes, 29, wrote on Instagram. “She doing too much,” another person chimed in. “First of all it should of been Popeyes second of all who the hell wearing chicken crocs.” One kept it simple but to the point. “Oh hell no!”

#KimKardashian Gets a Gift ? from #KFC !!!

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Kim made fashion news for a much different reason recently when she was recently seen out and about in Paris in many different latex outfits with her sister Kourtney, 40, and daughter North, 6. Her oldest child even outshined her during one of the events when North stunned in a bold orange outfit!

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