Kody Brown Says He May “Dissolve His Partnership” with Robyn, And Sister Wives Fans are Shook

So much for all that speculation that Kody Brown favors Robyn Brown among all his Sister Wives.

According to a promo for the March 8 episode of this long-running reality show, not only is Kody no longer showing preference for his fourth spouse…

… he’s actually going in the complete opposite direction.

It’s stunning, but true:

Kody says in a promo for this Sunday’s installment of Sister Wives that he may be done with Robyn — FOREVER.

Over the last few weeks, tension between Kody and Robyn has hit an all-time high, culminating on March 1 when the two engaged in a shouting match.

“Stop saying sh-t like that!” Robyn actually screamed at Kody on air a few days ago, after he slammed Meri right to her face.

About a month before this episode aired, Robyn jumped on Twitter and accused Kody of acting like a drama queen.

All this fighting between Kody and Robyn — along with Kody and all the Sister Wives — stems from Kody’s plans to move everyone into one house now that they’re living together in Flagstaff, Arizona.

None of the wives like this idea, however.

Which brings us back to Robyn and a preview for the March 8 episode of Sister Wives.

In a preview clip released by TLC, Robyn’s children are very concerned over having to move yet again, this time from Las Vegas to Arizona.

(For the record, these episodes were filmed a long time ago, back when this move was first being discussed and plotted out.)

Meanwhile, Kody thinks they should buy a home, while Robyn insists they find another rental. Enter the first argument…

“I 100% believe that God’s gonna provide us this house,” Robyn tells Kody in the promo, to which the selfish husband replies:

“The message from God isn’t ‘go find a rental.’ The message from God is ‘you have to buy a house.’”

(For the record, part two: does God really have these sorts of opinions on the real estate market? We’ll just leave that question out there for readers to discuss and debate.)

Robyn later goes to Kody’s first wife, Meri, with her marital issues, telling the often-scorned spouse:

“I’ve had some angry times with Kody. He’s just been so pushy.”

Kody’s frustration then boils over as he tells TLC producers he’s considering “dissolving the partnership” between himself and Robyn and purchasing a home by himself.

Oh, yes, you guys… he really says this.

In response to the footage, viewers are legitimately shook.

“That’s ridiculous and immature,” one fan declared on Twitter after seeing this preview. “You’re going to dissolve a marriage to your legal wife because she wants to rent and not buy another house.”

Another Sister Wives viewer hinted that Robyn had fallen out of favor with Kody because she was finally pushing back against him.

“Ooh, don’t do that, Robyn,” this user wrote.

“Keep this up, and he’ll not only dissolve his partnership, but his marriage with you, and the next sit down you’ll all have will be his talking about how he wants to court wife number 5.”

We have heard for awhile that Kody Brown is seeking a fifth wife.

Many fans out there have heard this and believe this, suggesting Kody was just bitter because Robyn wouldn’t fall in line with what he wanted.

“Lol dissolve the partnership because she’s being smart and not wanting to buy a house,” one Twitter user argued. “Boy Kody [is] one dumb a$$.”

Yes. Yes, he absolutely is.

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