Konnie Huq shares the simple trick she swears by to maintain age-defying looks

Konnie Huq has opened up about the simple secret to her age-defying looks.

The former Blue Peter presenter, 44, stunned fans last week when she appeared on Loose Women.

Viewers claimed Konnie looked as though she hadn't aged a day since she first graced screens on Blue Peter in 1997.

Many took to Twitter to demand to know the name of the anti-wrinkle cream she uses.

Opening up to Mirror Online about how she maintains her youthful glow, Konnie insisted that less is more when it comes to her appearance.

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She said: "In this day and age, women tend to over complicate things due to the pressures forced on us to always look our best.

"Having these high standards that women have to strive to achieve, maintain a certain look is damaging.

"I used to wash my hair every single day, and straighten and style it when I was younger.

"But the best thing I have learned to do with my hair is to not over complicate things – to keep the natural oils in".

The mother-of-two reiterated this sentiment in terms of beauty, and insisted that she feels it's important not to strip her face completely by using multiple skincare products.

"We're in a society at the minute where aging is something to be terrified of, and I don't agree with that," said Konnie.

"If you're going to become dependant on a certain collagen cream, or an anti-wrinkle serum, that's going to change with the times and the trends, and you'll be lost by trying to over complicate things.

Konnie feels that the answer to her fresh-faced glow is down to the fact she likes to keep things 'simple'.

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She insisted: "Keeping things simple is not a bad way to go. Take care of your skin of course, but stick to what you know".

After opening up about beauty standards, Konnie also discussed shared her own experiences of being judged in terms of juggling her successful career and role as a mother.

The TV star who shares two children with Black Mirror guru Charlie Brooker admits to feeling pressures of being a mother and a successful career woman.

Ahead of International women's day this Sunday, the former Blue Peter star is taking part in a campaign which breaks down the barriers of expectations placed upon working and stay-at-home mums across the UK.

The event – which encourages women across the nation to attend their local This Girl Can parkrun this Saturday 7th March, – holds a special place in Konnie's heart as she reveals she has felt the burning eyes of judgement upon her in the past being a successful woman in the limelight.

"Women have to juggle work and childcare more so than men in today's world.

"They are expected to trim, and slim along with taking care of their home and their children, while trying to juggle a career on top of that.

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"It's a huge pressure and we feel guilty. We feel as though we can't take the luxury of taking an hour out of our day for ourselves when there are childcare obligations.

"I most certainly felt a huge pressure when attempting to prioritise between being a mother and my career. It's not easy".

Meanwhile, Konnie – who is eagerly awaiting the launch of her new book this summer – revealed that she hasn't bought new clothes in over a decade.

The brunette beauty delved into her timeless looks and insisted she "doesn't need" to buy clothes as she has remained the same size since she was 18.

The star admitted: "I am still the same size since I was 18 years old.

"The thing is, when you are on TV, often you get clothes bought for you so I don't need them.

"I haven't stopped growing. I'm still the same size I was when I was 18 years old. That means I'm tiny!…"

The beauty also explained while she was starring in Blue Peter, she found no reason to go out and add to her wardrobe as she was constantly dressed by the styling team.

She explained: "Basically when you're on something like Blue Peter you get clothes bought for you so I don't need them.

"I do the thing of mending and making do."

It's obvious that this lifestyle decision has worked in her favour as the much-loved TV personality looks better than ever.

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