Piers Morgan slams Jon Snow’s response to ‘lonely’ Coronavirus isolation

Piers Morgan has laid into fellow broadcaster Jon Snow on Twitter after the Channel 4 news reader updated fans on his 'lonely' experience in self isolation.

Snow, 72, announced he was going into quarantine for two weeks after visiting Iran to cover the country's eletion.

At least 210 people are said to have died in Iran as a result of the disease, sources told the BBC this week. While the country's deputy health minister admitted he'd been infected just after holding a press conference on the risks of the virus.

Since returning from his trip to the capital, Jon revealed he's been banned from returning to work for two weeks.

During his time off, the newsreader has been sharing updates on his time at home on Twitter.

This has included a daily countdown of his isolation, which he's described as a 'lonely place.'

He most recently shared: "6 days of isolation down: 8 to go… it's one lonely place despite all the online contact.

"We're halfway to 14 days tomorrow night: me here, and out there a few miles away: My cameraman Ray, my Producer Fede. Sleep well guys," he said to his team who are in similar position.

Outspoken Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan – renowned for speaking his mind on the social media site – soon piped up to ridicule Jon's comments.

Resharing Jon's post with his followers, Piers scathed: "Such fortitude, such herosism.

"Hang on in there Snowy, we're all rooting for you as you sit at home, doing no work, with zero sign of anything wrong with you, tweeting these riveting updates."

Piers then followed this up with three sarcastic prayer emojis.

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The GMB host's rant sparked mixed reviews from his followers.

"He’s just doing the right thing though isn’t he, why the negativity Piers?" asked one.

"Obviously i don't wish myself or others to contract Covid 19 but who else is secretly hoping for a precautionary 14 days sat chilling out, watching Tv, reading, listening to music on "dr's orders.." and giving work the big middle finger!" joked another.

"This might not age well," feared a third.

Jon previously told Channel 4 via video link that he had no symptoms of the virus.

"I woke up this morning feeling rather tired, but that was from the trip. But we weren’t actually anywhere near where the main virus outbreak has occurred," he admitted.

Radio 4's Nick Robinson also been in a self-imposed isolation over the last few days.

He said his decision to stay at home came on doctors' advice after he holidayed in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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