Prince Harry Has Met with the Queen Since Returning to the U.K.

Regardless of the Sussexes tumultuous start to 2020, Prince Harry will still make time for tea with the queen.

A source confirms to that the Duke of Sussex indeed met with Queen Elizabeth II over the weekend, but contrary to previous reports, the meeting wasn’t a tense or dramatic conference of any sort. It was, instead, merely a grandson having a bite of lunch with his grandmother, who happens to be the Queen of England.

“Harry’s ‘meeting’ with the queen was simply Sunday lunch together—grandson with his granny!” the source says. “Not a summit or serious meeting in sight.”

Duchess Meghan will join Prince Harry in the United Kingdom later this week as the couple complete their final round of royal obligations before officially transitioning into post-royal life. Harry has already gained a head start with his duties, having attended a recording session on behalf of the Invictus Games Foundation, as well as speaking at an event for eco-tourism company Travalyst.

The remaining royal duties on the Duchess of Sussex’s itinerary have yet to be revealed. Although, a source tells us, “Meghan will be conducting something private and patronage-related meetings during her time in London.”

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