Richard Hammond’s wife halts shoot as he attempts to work from home ‘Don’t think so…’

Richard Hammond, 50, who is best known for presenting The Grand Tour and Top Gear alongside James May, 57, and Jeremy Clarkson, 59, was caught out by his wife Mindy Hammond, 54, in a YouTube clip. The small-screen star had attempted to work from home but his partner quickly put a stop to it.

In a candid video, shot by the couple’s daughter, Richard explained he would be taking a test drive of his classic 1968 Mustang in the family’s deserted courtyard of their home.

In addition, he also said he would test drive Mindy’s convertible Mustang to see which car came out on top.

But there was one minor issue with his plan as Richard admitted his wife refuses to let him drive her vehicle.

He explained: “Now, you might think that working from home – as we’re all encouraged to do – is impossible if your job consists of gallivanting around the world driving supercars at racetracks in exotic locations with two other idiots.


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“And yes, it is going to be tricky but not impossible. I don’t have a racetrack, I don’t have supercars.”

He continued: “I don’t have a crew but I do have my telephone with my daughter operating it. Just this yard and these Mustangs.

“So today, I’m going to be working from home with a back-to-back yard test of these two ponies.”

Richard went on to describe his prized possession before turning his attention to his wife’s convertible car.

He said: “It’s gorgeous and Mindy has never let me drive it. And just to make sure that I didn’t sneak out from a midnight cruise in it, she fitted it with a stupid number plate.

“But it worked and I’ve never driven in it. But I’m working from home today, there’s no one around to see me. This is my chance.”

Richard geared up to put the “new contender” in a head-to-head battle with the “old war-horse”.

He got into the driver’s seat of his car and put his foot down on the engine as the car sped a few yards across the court.

Richard then got out of the vehicle and headed towards his wife’s car but was left momentarily stunned.

“Now let’s see if Mindy’s [car] can teach mine a few new tricks?” he cheekily remarked. “I finally get to have a go.”

But to his dismay, Mindy was sitting in the driver’s seat of her convertible holding up a set of keys.

She replied: “I don’t think so darling?”


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Richard and his partner Mindy tied the knot in 2002 and the couple share two teenage daughters – Isabella and Willow.

He previously revealed his wife and children are not too keen on his driving ability.

Speaking to S Magazine, Richard said: “I was driving along about ten years ago in an old Range Rover and Mindy criticised me.

“I put the car into gear and set off — and drove straight into a bollard. They absolutely wept for about 20 minutes.”

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