Rihanna Has Launched a Fenty Beauty House for TikTok Creators

Rihanna doesn’t follow trends, she merely creates them.

The all-around cultural mogul did just that when she unveiled the new Fenty Beauty House this week, during a party for the makeup brand’s new mascara product. The house is a hub for creators to make content for TikTok, the rapidly growing social media app for short-form musical and comedic videos.

Burgeoning TikTok users will be able to “raid the fully stocked ‘Make-up Pantry'” to create their own beauty-focused content with “Fenty Beauty spotlighting their creative excellence along the way,” a press release from the brand says.

The Fenty Beauty House itself serves as “a beautiful new space to collaborate, express, learn, and build community.” TikTok superstars like Makayla and Emmy Combs, who are known for sharing beauty videos and tutorials on the app, were some of the attendees at the event.

“We are standing in the official, first Fenty Beauty TikTok home,” Rihanna announced to the crowd during the launch. The pop star went on to say that she finds today’s generation to be “the sickest, illest” and “the most creative”—which is what precisely inspired Fenty Beauty’s new venture.

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