Robyn Brown: I Don’t Think ANY of the Sister Wives Should Be Married to Kody!

Things are not going very well with the Brown family.

Or at least they weren’t during the filming of the current season.

Everything we’re seeing on Sister Wives now happened several months ago, so who knows — maybe they managed to resolve all their issues and they’re all so happy now.

But that certainly wasn’t the case last year.

If you’ve been watching this season, then you know that the move to Arizona really threw the family for a loop.

They bought Coyote Pass, a large piece of property on which they plan to build four separate houses, but until the houses get built, they have to live in whatever homes they can find across the city.

Kody thought that since their Las Vegas homes only took six months to build, it would be the same thing for the houses in Arizona, but since Coyote Pass is just a bit of wilderness, it’ll take closer to two years to get everything going with electricity, water, etc.

The plan was for each wife to find a rental until the homes could be built, but there have been tons of issues with that plan.

Apparently Flagstaff doesn’t have a ton of options for renters, especially renters who need multiple bedrooms, so Janelle, Robyn, and Meri have all had to move at least once in the first few months of living there.

Christine was the only one who bought a house right off, but Robyn has since followed suit — the plan is to rent those houses out for additional income when they’re finally done building.

It just seems like it’s all been really stressful for everyone … but was it stressful enough to tear the entire family apart?

Let’s check out the sneak peek for the new episode and find out!

When we next see our friends on Sister Wives, the family will be still be stressed and upset and miserable, this time because of a natural disaster!

When the episode was filmed, wildfires had broken out near Meri’s home, and she was ordered to evacuate.

The whole family came together to move as much as they could, but Meri stressed that they only needed to focus on getting the important things out and if the rest of it burned, then so be it.

One of the important things she decided to box up?

Her old marriage certificate.

You remember what happened — Meri was Kody’s first wife, and so they were the only ones legally married until a few years ago, when they got legally divorced so he could marry Robyn instead.

It all made sense because they had to be married for him to adopt Robyn’s children from her first marriage, but still, it was very hard for Meri.

The clip begins with Meri calling Robyn over to show her the certificate — she laughs and asks her if she should keep it.

Robyn laughs too, and says “Let it burn! I’ll burn mine and you burn yours!”

“Does it still count?” Meri asks, still giggling.

In the end, she decides to pack it up, tearfully explaining in a confessional that “It’s followed my heart, that’s why I’m keeping it.”

In her own confessional, Robyn says that since plural marriage isn’t legal, a husband can only have one legal wife, “but I feel like they’re destructive as far as a plural family is concerned.”

“Since we all can’t have a legal marriage, if there was a way for us to just not have any legal marriage, I think that would actually be the best way to do it,” she continues.

She says that her own mother is a second wife, so she’s always been sensitive to that particular struggle.

“I know what kind of pain that caused her, always being, you know, the one that’s not quite recognized as a wife.”

“It’s very personal to me,” she adds, tearing up herself. “So burn ’em all!”

This isn’t the first time Robyn’s expressed this sentiment — she’s said before that she wishes she didn’t have to be the legal wife and that Meri would have been able to keep that title.

It’s a tough situation, because the change was obviously the best thing for the family, but it’s definitely understandable that it hurt Meri so much.

At the end of the day though, this is a nice moment between the wives, and it’s good to see Robyn and Meri being so friendly again.

You can watch the sneak peek in its entirety below:

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