Sadie Robertson shares how faith will help her parent: I can't wait to 'learn from' my daughter

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Sadie Robertson has had quite the year.

The 23-year-old married husband Christian Huff in November 2019 just before the coronavirus pandemic upended lives across the globe.

In October 2020, the "Duck Dynasty" alum was sheltering in place in Louisiana and enjoying newlywed life when she announced they were expecting their first child together, a daughter.

Then that same month, Robertson revealed she had been battling COVID-19 which landed her in the hospital after contracting it from her family.

The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant spoke with Fox News, while promoting her “Circle of Hope” wraparound ring through World Vision, about her year.


Fox News: Why were you so open about your battle with COVID-19?

Robertson: I was super open about it because I feel like a lot of times people my age – and younger – kind of have this mindset that it doesn't really matter if we get it because we're probably going to be asymptomatic. It's not that bad. You're going to survive… that kind of thing. And after I had it, I just realized the seriousness of it. It spreads really fast,… my sister got it. My parents got it then I got it. I had it so bad. You know, I ended up in the hospital and you can't have anybody with you. You're there alone. It's scary so I just wanted people to understand that there's a level of respect that we need to have when it comes to people who are dealing with this virus because it's hard and you don't know what people are going through.

Sadie Roberston Huff is expecting her first child, a daughter, in 2021. 
(Elliott Eicheldinger for World Vision)

Fox News: Your sister also got engaged. Is she coming to you for any advice or tips?

Robertson: I just got off the phone with her and she said, 'I need help. I'm trying to plan this rehearsal dinner with my in-law.' So, yes, she is calling for help. She's asking for my advice, which I'm so happy to give because I'm so happy for her. I would have never imagined that she and I would get married so close together.

Fox News: How are you feeling in your pregnancy?

Robertson: I literally had morning sickness every day from week seven to 17 and I just hit 18 and I am a new person. I'm feeling really good. My family is so excited. They're just thrilled. My sister-in-law is pregnant as well. We are a week and a half apart. Everyone is excited to welcome two new babies into the picture.

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff just celebrated one year of marriage. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Fox News: How is Christian adjusting to dad life?

Robertson: He is pumped. He's so giddy. He's so excited to be a dad. He's practicing [diapers]. I'm so excited to see what type of parents Christian and I become. The Bible talks a lot about childlike faith. And it encourages you to have faith like a child. And my mom always said that when I was little, I would just ask all these questions. I would deepen her faith a lot because kids ask light, innocent questions before the child grows up and knows what the world is like. And so I can't wait to look at our daughter and see the wonder in her eyes and just learn from her.


Fox News: How are you keeping your faith while not being able to attend church gatherings?

Robertson: It's definitely a little different because, you know, part of the church is that we are in the church, the fellowship, the body. But at the same time, God is still God. He's not confined to walls. He's not confined to a church or a building. And so you can still have that same experience with Him in that way. I think it's important to keep reaching out to people so that you don't lose that fellowship with one another. 

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