School run sends TV hardnut Ant Middleton’s blood pressure soaring

TV hardnut Ant Middleton ­admits he finds the school run as stressful as hell.

The former Special Forces sniper did three tours of duty in Afghanistan – but it is the morning routine that sends his blood pressure soaring.

Ant, 39, hauls his five children out of bed early and treats it like a military operation just to beat the strain.

The chief instructor on Channel 4’s tough reality show SAS: Who Dares Wins, said: “For everyone who has kids, the school run is really stressful – as stressful as hell.

“It’s the same with me so I try to make it a positive experience. When my children wake up, I say, ‘Don’t stress about putting your school uniform on. Don’t stress about being five or ten minutes late.

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“I’ll tell you what you need to do. Get up ­earlier. Because guess what, I’m ­going to get you up earlier.’” Ant added: “I say to my wife, ‘Don’t make that school run stressful.’

“I won’t scream or shout and make it this big drama.

“I send them off to school with a positive mindset, even if that means I have to sacrifice.

“But guess what, that’s what we do as parents. You sacrifice as a parent.”

Ant, of Chelmsford, Essex, is equally disciplined when it comes to teaching his kids manners.

He said: “It’s really important as parents that we don’t forget the basic in life – manners, respect and Ps and Qs. That’s all I teach my kids, school can do the rest.

“If I don’t hear my son or daughter saying please or thank you, you had better believe that I’m going to pull them up on it.

“Also, they must respect their elders until they show you that they don’t ­deserve respect.”

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