Stormi Webster, 2, Asks Mom Kylie Jenner Endless Questions While Chatting In Adorable Video

Kylie Jenner absolutely loves having ‘conversations’ with her two-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, and captured one such exchange on her recent Instagram story!

There’s nothing like a quality mother-daughter poolside chat, especially for Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster. The precocious toddler, 2, sat right next to her mom at the side of their pool the morning of March 3 and proceeded to ask the Lip Kit mogul, 22, a string of questions about the noises that were all around them! “What’s that noise, mommy?” Stormi asked Kylie in the first clip from the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s Instagram story. “Um, they’re cleaning,” Kylie responded. But this question was just the first of many the inquisitive two-year-old would go on to ask!

While a whirring sound continued on in the background, Stormi asked, “Well, what’s that noise?” Kylie responded, “It’s a little leaf blower, I think.” With a bit of hesitation, the mother-of-one added, “Or they might be cutting a tree down, I have no idea.” As Kylie zoomed in on Stormi’s adorable little feet, the toddler asked again, “What’s that noise?” This time, Kylie answered, “That sounds like the pool filter.” But Stormi was not at all satisfied with the answer, asking again what the noise was. “Sounds like the little pool filter,” Kylie reiterated to her curious youngster. Fans totally loved seeing Kylie in her element: poolside with her sweet baby girl.

But these two have no shortage of sweet moments together! On March 2, Kylie and Stormi showed off their matching Dior outfits while spending some quality time together. In the image, which Kylie shared to her Instagram account, both mother and daughter wore dresses that featured a white and pink pattern. Kylie’s mini dress had a skin tight fit that accentuated her body perfectly and even featured a little slit near her thigh. Stormi’s mini version of Kylie’s outfit was an adorable, flowing piece that looked so cute on the little one. “i hope she wants to match w me forever,” Kylie lovingly captioned the pic. 

"What's that noise mommy"?❤

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But it’s not just Kylie who gets in on the bonding time with little Stormi. While maneuvering their breakup, Kylie and Travis Scott, 27, whom Kylie shares Stormi with, have equally been spending as much time as possible with their two-year-old. The pair are often scene co-parenting their little one together, and it’s sparked quite a few fan theories that the two young stars are back together. Regardless if Kylie and Travis have rekindled their romance or not, it’s so clear that prioritizing time with their daughter is their main focus. With each new post and video, fans love seeing Stormi grow each and every day!

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