The Oscars Are Trending Thanks to People Being Pissed About a Major Broadcast Change

Welp, the Oscars are already trending on Twitter weeks out from the actual show, and like…not in a good way. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety report that the Academy Awards will be semi-cutting a few major categories from the actual broadcast, and people aren’t thrilled.

Turns out several awards will be handed out earlier in the ceremony (and off-camera), including documentary short, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live action short, and sound. The ceremony will start an hour before the televised / on-camera portion begins in order to present these awards (unclear how this will impact the red carpet), and then “clips” from the winners speeches will be “folded into” the live TV broadcast so they aren’t gone all together.

Why, you ask? The Oscars are dealing with pressure to get higher ratings (last year’s ceremony was the least-watched ever) and apparently the Academy thinks this will make it more TV-friendly? Anyway, Variety reports that this new plan will “allow more time for comedy, film clips and musical numbers,” which has sparked a large backlash on social media:

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