The Truth About Chloe From The Circle

If you had the opportunity to participate in a reality TV show and be a different version of yourself, would you do it? That’s the challenge proposed to participants of Netflix’s The Circle Season 2, which premiered on April 14, 2021. Per Netflix’s official website, the show is a social experiment and competition “where online players flirt, befriend and catfish their way toward $100,000.”

Viewers who tuned into the first episode of The Circle‘s second season may have recognized a familiar face in Chloe Veitch, who decided not to catfish herself in the competition, per Variety. Chloe’s decision to not conceal herself has made her one to watch on the show because of her outgoing personality and smart strategizing.

It’s no surprise that the U.K.-born Chloe would be familiar with the workings of a reality show as she’s a seasoned veteran of the genre. Chloe competed on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle in 2020 and won the model pageant Top Model U.K. in 2018. There’s more to this reality star maven than what she has shown on screen, though.

Chloe from The Circle is a successful influencer and model

When she’s not competing on reality shows like The Circle, Chloe Veitch works as an influencer and model. She hails from Essex, England, has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and frequently uploads behind-the-scenes footage of her photoshoots and daily activities. She also created a YouTube channel in 2020 where she documents her travels, skincare routines, and answers questions from fans.

Clearly, Chloe loves to be on camera and interact with her fans. In an interview with Us Weekly, Chloe says that she prefers to be authentic on camera, which is why she chose to compete as herself on The Circle instead of catfishing. “I wouldn’t have gone on The Circle as anyone else but myself because I know that is my strength — being who I am, the personality I have,” Chloe explained to the outlet. “Whether they trust me or believe it’s me straight away, I don’t know, but that was a chance I was prepared to take because I am such a strong character!”

Viewers will have to wait to see how she fares on The Circle, but Tim Harcourt — the executive producer — seems to think she’ll have no problem succeeding, telling Variety, “I think she shines far brighter on our season because she just plays brilliantly and wears her heart on sleeve.”

As far as her post-reality show plans, Chloe told Women’s Health that she “will move to America at some point for work.”

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