TikToker Anthony Barajas Dies on Life Support After Fatal Theater Shooting

TikToker Anthony Barajas has died a few days after being shot at a movie theater, and having his date killed in front of him as well.

The social media influencer passed away Saturday morning in a hospital — where he’d been on life support since Monday … when he was shot in the eye by whom authorities suspect was someone named Joseph Jimenez … who’s facing multiple charges over this.

Anthony’s date, 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich, was shot in the head too … and died instantly. The shooting happened at a theater in Corona, CA — and cops say it appears unprovoked, with the suspect seeming to have no connection to either Anthony or Rylee.

Jimenez was facing a murder count, an attempted murder count and robbery — this after police say he actually stole Rylee’s wallet after gunning her down. Amid Anthony’s death, the charges are sure to be updated to include two counts of murder.

Rylee’s father detailed the story that led up to the date — apparently, his kid had met the TikToker over 4th of July weekend … and after warming up to him, said she seemed happy for the date and got herself all dolled up to go out.

Anthony was just 19.


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