Tool Fan Diagnosed With Coronavirus Attended New Zealand Show

A Tool fan who attended the band’s recent show in Auckland, New Zealand, has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The unnamed person is the country’s fourth recorded COVID-19 case, while his wife was the second person in the country to be infected by the virus. The couple had recently arrived back in the country from northern Italy.

“He was in the general admission standing area in the front left-hand quadrant,” said health officials.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield confirmed he has been in self-isolation since Wednesday, according to The New Zealand Herald. Bloomfield also stated casual contact at the show could be in the hundreds.

“We encourage all people in the area of the concert to be aware of the symptoms and contact the Healthline if concerned,” Bloomfield told the outlet. “The advice is that the risk is very low for all others who attended this concert.”

“There was no way of tracking the people who were in that area of the concert, they are classed as causal contacts and the advise to them is to call Healthline if they have any symptoms,” Bloomfield continued. “The people we are focused on tracking down the close contacts and health officials have been in touch with all those people.”

Tool are on road in in support of Fear Inoculum. The band kicked off their Australia and New Zealand leg in mid-February.

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