Torvill and Dean relationship: Skating duo admit they ‘dabbled’ with a secret kiss

Wether they are on or off of the ice, skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have undeniable chemistry. So fans of the Dancing on Ice Judges may not be surprised to hear the duo shared a peck when they were teenagers.

The skating partners addressed the speculations on Piers Morgan’s Life stories programme in 2013.

After persistent questioning from host Piers Morgan, Torvill revealed that shortly after they started skating together when the duo were teenagers – Torvill 17 and Dean 16 – they “dabbled” once with romance.

The ‘dabble’ was then confirmed in an interview in Radio Times to be a smooch while travelling on a bus together as teenagers.

Torvill said: “We did actually kiss once – before we were a skating couple.


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“We were in the back of the bus going to a league match, and it just happened.

She then added: “It was a one-off. We never talked about it afterwards. We laugh about it now.”

Dean also said: “We were 14-years-old, and teenagers in the most naive sense.

“We didn’t talk about it much after. The skating was everything and having a relationship just didn’t occur to us.”

In 2011 Torvill claimed the two had explicitly banned sleeping together as they didn’t want it to cause risk to their skating career.

Jayne said: “We decided very early on that if we had slept together we couldn’t have skated.

“I remember somebody saying to me, ‘If you’re dating your skating partner and the relationship breaks down, you won’t have your skating partner’.”

In the past when talking on the topic of romance Chris has said: “We put to one side all those other elements that we thought would conflict with what we needed to do.

“That’s how obsessed it was. It was almost like being in a monastery. It was a religion in its own way.”


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While they decided to remain platonic, their close relationship is said to have caused problems with their partners.

Dean’s first wife, Isabelle Duchesnay, found the close relationship shared between Torvil and Dean too much to handle, describing the relationship as if there were three people within their marriage.

This year, Torvill and Hubby Phil Christensen celebrated their pearl wedding anniversary after being married for 30 years.

Torvill and Dean will appear in the final of Dancing on Ice tonight as the winner of Dancing on Ice 2020 is announced.

Dancing on Ice will air on ITV today (Sunday, March 8) at 6pm.

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