Why were you so bad?’ Clare Balding teased by wife Alice over ‘awful’ WWTBAM performance

Gogglebox: Clare Balding teased by wife over quiz shows

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Clare Balding and her wife Alice Arnold are much-loved for their brutal honesty with each other when they appear on Celebrity Gogglebox. Tonight’s episode was not different as Alice mocked her wife over her appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Jeremy Clarkson.

The topic came up as they watched Jeremy presenting the latest episode of the quiz show.

Clare said after a tense moment on the show: “I think what makes this one so much more difficult, honestly, is the lighting and the music and the sitting in that bl**dy stool.”

Alice then teased her wife and said: “Is that why you were so bad when you went on it?

“Was that what it was? Was it the lighting and the stool? Is that what made you forget your middle name?”

“Yes, and cry all through Christmas,” replied Clare laughing.

Alice continued: “Oh it was terrible, it ruined Christmas when you went on this. God, it was awful.”

Clare appeared on the game show back in 2019 and won just £1,000 for charity in the Christmas special.

This came as she lost £15,000 after answering a question about Little Women wrong.

Elsewhere on Celebrity Gogglebox, the stars were watching a new Netflix show called Sexy Beasts.

The dating show sees contestants decked out in full prosthetics to take away looks from romance.

However, not all of the celebrities were so convinced about the show.

Both Nick Grimshaw and his niece Liv Grimshaw erupted with disgusted noises as two of the contestants kissed in full make-up.

Nick said: “Ew, no, that’s weird. I’m sorry I don’t want to be a prude but that is weird.

“You don’t snog a mandrill at Thorpe Park.”

Earlier today, Lorraine Kelly admitted she had been left feeling “fragile” ahead of filming the show.

She posted on Instagram a video of her daughter Rosie Kelly Smith pointing out she’d drunk a whole bottle of champagne the night before.

Alongside the clip, Lorraine penned: “Why would I feel fragile @rosiekellysmith?!

“Join us on the very last episode of this series of Celeb Gogglebox, tonight at 9pm on @channel4.

“It’s been a joy to be part of this family. Lx”

Celebrity Gogglebox is available to catch-up on via All4 now.

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