14 Carry-On Suitcases Frequent Flyers Always Buy and You Should, Too

The very first time I went on a long vacation, I took the biggest suitcase I could find and overflowed it with tons of clothes I never ended up wearing. It was a rookie move, and I learned my lesson. I spent every couple days switching cities and hotels lugging a huge bag I grew to hate. After that, I swore to myself I would only travel with carry-on luggage (as long as the trip wasn’t over a few weeks), and it’s a promise I’ve kept to myself. Now, I’m a pro at packing, and the key is to have a suitcase that perfectly fits everything you need.

If you are headed on a vacation this year and also looking to pack light, make sure to find the right piece of luggage for you. Personally, I love hard-sided ones that are lightweight and easy to roll around. But everyone has different needs and preferences, so to help you find your match, I uncovered 14 popular picks that frequent travelers always buy. From brands like Tumi, Calpak, and Samsonite, no doubt you’ll find your match ahead. Keep reading to shop these hot picks.

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