50 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In New York Can Be Linked to One Attorney, Officials Say

One New York man has accounted for dozens of coronavirus infections, multiple outlets report.

About 25 miles outside of New York City, New Rochelle has been contained as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increased in a matter of days. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has focused efforts in the area to prevent further spread.

The Westchester County community now has the National Guard present to help clean and aid in the situation, with health officials now linking at least 50 cases to one resident, according to CNN.

A 50-year-old lawyer tested positive on March 2, according to the outlet. The man regularly commuted to Manhattan’s Grand Central Station for work, and he was N.Y.C.’s first confirmed case.

Two days later, the attorney’s college student son, 20, tested positive, as well as his wife and his daughter, 14, per CNN. Within days, more and more people linked to the individual came down with COVID-19, including a neighbor and a family friend.

On Sunday, the man’s wife released a lengthy statement on the matter, saying that she and her family “remain very hopeful” for his “full recovery.”

“He is a tenacious person in all aspects of his life and I know he will come out of this strong,” she wrote of her husband, according to ABC 7 News. “He is a very caring, hardworking person who constantly cares for his clients and those around him over himself. I think it is from this that he was run down and susceptible to the illness he acquired.”

She added: “So, I ask all of us who are running on the hamster wheel of life, particularly us New Yorkers, to learn from this and take a moment to take care of yourself. We should use this an opportunity to re-calibrate and de-stress. Nothing can be more important than our health.”

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The concerned mom and wife also explained how the family handled the health scare as the situation developed.

“When I first heard that Lawrence was positive, I immediately recognized there was going to be pandemonium all around us,” she said. “Other than offering what I could to stop this from spreading further, all I and my family care about is that my husband/ their father get better. We shuttered the windows, turned off the internet and together stayed strong and in good spirits.”

She continued: “I am incredibly blessed that my children, while still relatively young, have the wisdom to know to keep their heads clear and focus only on the important: the health of their dad and those around us.”

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