Amazon Shoppers Say This Cooling Dog Bed Is the Secret to Getting Your Pup to Stop Sleeping in Yours

What's better than an orthopedic dog bed? How about an orthopedic dog bed that's made with cooling gel to keep your pup from overheating in the warmer months? This is why more than 32,000 Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with the Furhaven Jumbo Cooling Dog Bed, yet another innovative product from the brand that has won over thousands of pet owners. Not to mention, the jumbo size of the orthopedic bed is currently 10 percent off, bringing the price tag down to $70.

Thanks to its roomy design, the dog bed is able to accommodate a variety of large breeds and lounging styles. Inside, it's layered with cooling gel foam and the brand's medical-grade support foam to ensure optimal comfort, which is especially nice for aging pups. The top is also lined with a cooling fabric to wick away heat and regulate the temperature of the bed, and the L-shaped design can serve as a supportive headrest for your furry friend, according to several reviewers. 

Buy It! Furhaven Cooling Dog Bed, $69.99 (orig. $77.99);

According to one shopper, the cooling gel foam has made a big difference for their German Shepherd. "He usually lays on the cold floor because he gets too hot and this cooling bed has been a game changer," they wrote. "He's seven and starting to have hip issues and this bed keeps him off the ground no problem."

Others say it's helped older dogs find a cool, comfortable spot to relax. "Now this is what you want for your elderly dog," shared one person. "Definitely will be buying more to replace the old beds."

It's even won over dogs that aren't typically fans of dog beds. "We barely got it out of the package and [my dog] was on it before it even hit the ground, she loves it," another customer said. "She can be fairly picky and has not liked beds in the past, so I am very pleased she loved this one immediately."

In fact, it's so comfortable that it helps restless dogs sleep through the night. One reviewer noted, "I've noticed [my dog] doesn't get up and move around as much now. She used to jump up onto my bed throughout the night and I'd have to kick her off, but since we got this she doesn't try as much to get up on the bed because hers is just as comfy now."

Grab the Furhaven Cooling Dog Bed on Amazon so your pup can enjoy a good night's sleep no matter how hot the summer gets. 

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