Bartender says secret Angel Shot can save your life in a threatening situation

A bartender has claimed that ordering an "Angel shot with lime" can save lives and his TikTok video has blown up with millions of views.

In the clip, @benjispears acts out like he is working behind the bar and has spotted a female customer looking deeply uncomfortable while on a date.

After informing a colleague about the suspicious behaviour, he then shows how he would walk over to the table and subtly check if the woman was safe.

The customer then asks for the "Angel shot with lime" and Benji shouts it over to his colleague and stays with the woman until police arrive.

He then explains what the code terms really mean.

Benji says: "Ok so angel shot with lime, it means you need the police so the bartender will notify a manager and we'll get the police involved for you.

"An angel shot neat, that means you need someone to walk you to your car, a bartender or security, someone needs to walk you to your car because you don't feel safe."

In the UK, there is a similar code where you "Ask for Angela" to discretely tell bar staff you feel unsafe and need assistance.

Benji's video was "liked" more than two million times and plastered in comments, with many women claiming it really was a lifesaver.

One user said: "An Angel shot with lime did actually save my life. Thank you for posting this."

A second person commented: "This saved my friend's life… not her night… her life. Thank you for this!"

Someone else wrote: "I'm one that even if I don't actually know you and you pretend to know me I HAVE KNOWN YOU FOR YEARS."

A fourth said: "I am in favour of more bartenders practising this and posters explaining these orders in ladies' bathrooms."

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