Best coming-of-age TV stories from the ’90s

Oh, the ’90s — a decade of frosted lip gloss, infectious pop music and exceptionally crafted coming-of-age shows. Join as we recount some of the best coming-of-age stories from the decade, starting with this iconic series… “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” debuted in 1997 and has since become a beloved cult classic. The show starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the “Chosen One” — a stake-wielding vampire slayer who, with the help of her closest allies (the Scoobies), must protect the world from the darkness of evil. From its unique “slayer speak” (the distinctive way writer-director-producer Joss Whedon’s characters talk to one another) to the talented ensemble cast, “Buffy” had a lot to love. Something that especially stood out is how effortlessly he used the show’s supernatural elements as metaphors for adolescence. From Angel literally turning into a monster after he and Buffy were intimate for the first time to Sunnydale High being built on top of the Hellmouth, otherwise common tropes like “boys are evil” and “high school is hell” were given to us in ways that felt authentic and new. Keep reading to see more great coming-of-age stories from the ’90s…

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