Bride attacked on Reddit for ‘trashy’ list ranking her wedding guests

A bride has been criticised online after sharing how she decided on her wedding party by ranking her friends.

When you’re getting married you often choose your nearest and dearest to be your maid of honour and bridesmaids.

But, how do you decide who takes which role?

Well, one woman made the decision pretty clear after sharing her bridal party list which detailed where in her friendships her mates ranked to get the positions.

A snap of the list was posted on Reddit with the caption: “Imagine ranking your friends in such a way.

“Sorry number 5.”

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And, people were grossed out by the “b*tchy” vibe.

In the photo the bride wrote: “Maid of Honour – sister of the bride and mother of the ring bearers.

“Matron of honour – fifth best friend.

“Bridesmaid – first best friend.

“Bridesmaid – fourth best friend.

“Bridesman – second best friend.”

People fumed in the comments as they said the ranking was childish and “weird”.

One person wrote: “That looks like something I would have done in like third grade.

“I was kind of a b*tchy kid.”

“This is something you’d write as a third grader about your imaginary wedding lol it’s THAT ridiculous,” added another.

While a third commented: “It’s also confusing that the matron of honor is her 5th best friend.

“Not only is ranking them sh**y but they’re not even in order!”

While a smart commenter noted: “Maybe they're lined up by height, you know, shortest through tallest?

“Otherwise, the photo shoot will be messed up.”

“This is weird as f***, but I just realised that this is some printed material for the wedding and not just some organisational email or note,” added another. “And that makes it SO much worse!”

And, one person commented: “If I put anything like this on my wedding program, my parents would put me in my place so fast.

“I guess some people just weren’t raised right.”

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Another wrote: “Who still makes the distinction between maid and matron for the wedding party this day and age?”

Another said: “This is so trashy.

“I have a couple of best friends, one I’m much closer to than the other, but I would never rank them.

“They’re just two different people that I have two different relationships with.”

While a jokester laughed: “Well to be fair, the bride may have held a Hunger Games style battle amongst all her potential bridesmaids and these rankings are simply the result.”

What do you think? Is this something you'd ignore?

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