Call of Duty Poster Guy Cannot Convince Walmart Kid It's Him (Exclusive)

“I just don’t know how to believe you.”

What is it with the kids of today, not respecting all our service members have done?

That’s the situation soap star Rib Hillis encountered when he just couldn’t convince a young Walmart employee that he was the among the Marines who helped liberate Urzikstan from Russia… in the videogame “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”.

“This is me!” the 50-year-old insisted, juxtaposing the two ridiculously handsome profiles while shopping at the Montana store.

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“The hairs and everything line up, like the grey hairs… even down here that lines up perfectly…” the skeptical employee muses, but he’s still not fully convinced.

“And you’re just popping up over here? Dude that can’t be you. You live in Montana! You think you’re gonna be doing a Call of Duty Warfare poster?”

“I live in Los Angeles!” Hillis protests, laughing. “That’s me! I don’t know what more to tell you.”

“I just don’t know how to believe you,” the kid confesses.

“Yeah it’s me,” Hillis tries one final time. “That’s why I’m buying the poster.”

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“Well, I’ve played that game so… nice to meet you sir!” the employee finally relents, exchanging a fist bump.

But it seems the poster boy isn’t the only one who wants to plaster his wall with his chiseled mug: the worker then shares the bad news that they are completely sold out (which should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen the inside if a teen gamer’s bedroom).

All is not lost however, as Hillis is allowed to take the one remaining copy: the floor sample!

The actor and model, who is married to DWTS pro Elena Grinenko, is currently in Montana shooting the action movie “Hunted” opposite Rachel Cook.

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