Chris Harrison Just Shared Peter’s One Big ‘Bachelor’ Flaw

Peter Weber has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve. And while that can sometimes be considered a positive trait, his habit of sharing too much information with some of his contestants has continually done more harm than good. That’s why, despite knowing that he’s a good guy underneath it all, Chris Harrison doesn’t agree with Peter’s "misleading" behavior on The Bachelor. In fact, the longtime host admits there are some things Peter should probably just be keeping to himself.

From telling Sydney she was the "best kisser" of the bunch, to referring to Hannah Ann as "the most perfect woman I’ve ever dreamt of," Peter has a way of making his contestants feel secure in their relationship, even if his later actions don’t always match up with those sentiments. Hence why Sydney was so shocked when he chose to send her home. That’s not to say that any of this was done intentionally, but even Harrison admits that Peter hasn’t always made the smartest decisions when it comes to expressing his feelings.

"I can see how it would be misleading to the women," he told Entertainment Tonight. "When a guy looks you in the eye and says, ‘You’re perfect, you don’t have anything to worry about, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re the most perfect human being. You’re a unicorn’…. I can see where that would be misleading!"

That’s undoubtedly why contestants like Kelsey and Victoria F. were so shocked to be sent home. Both of them were given numerous reassurances by Peter that their relationships were on the right track, only to be eliminated shortly thereafter without any real explanation as to why. Yet, even though he recognizes those flaws in the pilot, Harrison knows that Peter is a good guy and truly believed the things he was saying to these women at the time.

"But I really, truly know that he felt that and believed it in the moment," Harrison stated. That said, watching Peter profess his adoration on all the women this season has made him think that all of Bachelor Nation may owe Ben Higgins an apology. "As a hard time as we gave Ben Higgins for saying I love you to two women, that really pales in comparison to what Peter says."

Peter himself has defended his actions on numerous occasions and recently insisted that he did fall in love with three women by the end of the show. "If I wasn’t feeling that way, I wouldn’t have said it," he told ET back in February. "I’ve always been a firm believer that the heart wants what it wants, and I think this experience for sure has shown me that there’s not just one soulmate out there."

Unfortunately for Peter, though, that’s not the way this show works. He needs to choose one woman — and one woman only — by the end of the season.

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