Coronavirus rations: What are supermarkets rationing? The FULL list

In attempt to stop anxious shoppers from stockpiling and emptying out entire stores, supermarkets are restricting how many items of certain products people can buy. The government have been accused of giving mixed messages after Public Health England urged people to “plan ahead”, only for the Health Secretary to say “there is absolutely no need” to panic buy.

How many people are stockpiling?

About one in 10 of us are stockpiling in the UK, says a survey from Retail Economics.

Toilet paper, pasta and hand sanitiser has been flying off the shelves.

So what items are supermarkets rationing? has compiled a whole list.

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Tesco is the only store that is rationing food items, after almost completely selling out of dried pasta online.

The store has a limit of five when it comes to buying items such as anti-bacterial wipes, gels, and long-life milk.

This applies both online and in store.

A representative for Tesco said: “We know there’s demand for certain products at the moment and we’re working really hard to maintain availability of those to help customers.

“We’ve taken a commonsense approach to make sure everyone can access essentials.”


Waitrose is temporarily capping certain items online, but there is no uniform system in stores.

Hand sanitiser, and specific anti-bacterial soaps and wipes are restricted.

A spokesperson for Waitrose said the company is in talks with its suppliers to ensure demands will be met for customers.

They said: “some branch managers making a judgement at a localised level”


In store each person is only allowed to purchase two bottles of hand sanitiser, and the same limit is applied online.

Most anti-bacterial products are out of stock online, but this is the only specific restriction.

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