Creepy PT grabs woman’s bum as she lifts weights – not realising her camera’s on

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A gym instructor was allegedly fired after he was caught on camera "groping" a woman while she was doing weight training.

Fitness guru Fern, 22, was recording her form during a workout at a gym in the Philippines when the man walked past and touched her bum.

She posted the clip on TikTok and claimed that it was not the first time the man, who worked as a personal trainer at the gym, acted inappropriately.

The footage shows Fern facing towards the wall before she loads up with weights and performs some bent-over barbell rows.

A few reps in and the man, who is seen wearing a blue vest and black shorts, walks into the frame and checks on Fern's pose.

When she lowers the barbell, the man puts his hand on her bum then walks off.

She wrote in the caption: "This dumb*** touches my booty, he didn’t know that I’m filming. Caught in 4k."

Her video has garnered more than 5 million views and she has since spoken to the management team at the gym.

In a second video, Fern said she was asked why she did not report the incident to the staff when it happened.

She was told that the team would give a verbal warning to the personal trainer and should it happen again, they would ask Fern to file a complaint.

But she later received an update, apparently from the gym, saying they had fired the trainer.

A text message sent to her read: "The Management wants to inform all the gym members that [name redacted] who was working as Gym Instructor at [address redacted] has been terminated on June 6, 2021.

"It has been found out that Mr [name redacted] violated the rules of the Management."

Some viewers bizarrely claimed the video was "staged" as they believed she already knew the man, but those comments attracted criticism by many of her followers.

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One said: "Men: Why don't you have proof? Men: Of course he was looking, you were filming, nothing happened. Men: It's staged, this doesn't happen."

Others also showed support to Fern, with a second saying: "Even if they know each other, it doesn't change the fact that he touched her inappropriately."

A second said: "I'm so sorry about that, you don't deserve it."

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