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The planets are aligning today for you to enjoy intimate conversations with your inner circle. Sometimes a good chinwag can be so much more; it can reaffirm your commitment to tackling life together with your partner, it can demonstrate how much a friend enriches your life with their unique perspective, or it can even lay bare your fundamental differences. Whatever the outcome, today you need to chase that connection with someone, even if you fear what could be revealed.

Today Mercury aligns with Juno, the major asteroid/minor planet, between Mars and Jupiter.

Juno represents love and connection, commitment and partnerships, and depending on what’s happening in the orbits around Juno, it can prompt revelations about your most intimate relationships.

This Tuesday, while thoughtful Mercury is in step with Juno, it is also forming a semi-square to moralistic and purposeful Jupiter.

Today, you will feel empowered by testing strong cerebral connections with those closest to you.

One of life’s greatest joys is to be surrounded by people who not only adore you, but can keep up with and challenge you intellectually.

Sharing ideas, thoughts and debates today will leave you feeling more amorously connected to someone.

It’s a perfect evening to sit in a cosy corner somewhere and put the world to rights or have a good-natured argument with your lover or a friend.

You will feel empowered by exchanging viewpoints with people you love and respect, and this will demonstrate your meaningful connection.

Juno upholds relationships that are a marriage of equals: the ideal of a balanced give-and-take between two partners.

This is a powerful reminder to look past differences in politics or perspectives, and recognise there are always similarities where we look for them.

However, if you can’t empathise with your friend or partner, today may bring to light some irreconcilable differences.

The universe is all about balance after all, so while some may be falling deeper and deeper in love today, others might begin to see light pouring through the cracks in their relationship.

An ideal relationship – whether it’s friendship or romance – gives both parties the opportunity to grow and learn through one another.

If your relationship isn’t fulfilling you or your need for self-actualisation – the realisation and reaching of your full potential – now might be time to face up to it.

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The end of the year, especially today following yesterday’s Winter Solstice, gives us pause for thought and reflection.

If you are looking back over the last year with your partner and feeling underwhelmed, or looking forward to next year with dread, it’s time to ask yourself why.

This can be a difficult realisation to reach, and it won’t happen quickly, but if you can recognise those seeds of doubt now, you owe it to yourself to trust your instincts and delve deeper into why you feel this way.

It doesn’t necessarily mean curtains for your partnership, but you may need to think about how you and your partner could improve your relationship next year.

Whether both partners need to make more effort, one needs to be a little more spontaneous or one needs to show their affection more often, these seemingly small changes can make the world of difference.

This is a conversation to be had in due course, but first make sure you’ve thought through your position and your needs.

Today, the Moon is in optimistic and determined Leo, so your instinct will be to push forwards and look for the positives.

A sunny attitude is almost always a good thing, but don’t overlook any inequalities you’re hung up on.

There might be difficult days ahead, but the planets are always looking forward in your favour.

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