DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber and 21 Savage Share 'Happy Gilmore'-Inspired Visual for "LET IT GO"

DJ Khaled has shared an accompanying music video for his KHALED KHALED cut “LET IT GO” with Justin Bieber and 21 Savage.

The visual is inspired by Adam Sandler‘s 1996 classic Happy Gilmore, with DJ Khaled taking on the role of Chubbs Peterson, Bieber as Gilmore and 21 Savage as Shooter McGavin. Bieber, who first serves as Khaled’s caddy, shows off his talent for golf when one of Khaled’s friends bets him $100 USD to hit the ball across the fairway. Khaled then takes Bieber under his wing and trains him to go against 21 Savage in a tournament. The pair are in the mist of pulling off an interesting tournament full of antics when an alligator threatens to disrupt the competition, but Khaled jumps to the rescue and manages to pacify the animal without his hand getting bitten off.

KHALED KHALED opened the week on top of the Billboard 200, giving the producer his third No. 1. “This is the journey to the light,” DJ Khaled wrote on Instagram, continuing, “All of our lives were changed. We went through dark times. But we have to be the LIGHT! We have to be GREAT for our family and the people we love! GOD IS THE GREATEST!”

Watch DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber and 21 Savage’s “LET IT GO” visual above.

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