Do YOU know why your food is packaged like this?

Do YOU know why your food is packaged like this? There’s a logical reason why crisps come in airy packets, cereal in boxes and beer in dark bottles

  • There are some logical reasons for most packaging that many don’t know 
  • Beer is stored in dark glass to preserve taste as hops can’t be exposed to light
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If you’ve ever complained about too much air in your crisp packet or a box that’s fiddly to open, you might wonder why the packaging has been designed this way in the first place.  

However there are some logical reasons for most packaging for products from around the world that many don’t know about, according to Ranker

For instance, there’s a good reason beer is stored in a dark glass bottle, which is to preserve the taste because when the hops are exposed to light, a chemical reaction occurs, creating a compound that doesn’t taste great.

Meanwhile, the air in crisp packets isn’t just to keep the snacks from going stale, but also to keep them from breaking during transit. 

The air inside the bag is nitrogen, also known as ‘slack fill’, and it is pumped into the bags prior to sealing. 

While the air in crisp packets isn’t just to keep the snacks from going stale but also to keep them from breaking during transit

Also, the white or black pad that you find at the bottom of a tray housing raw meat serves to adsorb active bacteria that could be dangerous to your health.

The pad serves to absorb these potentially harmful liquids before they can leak, spill, or drip onto your counters and other food preparation areas when you open the packet.

Here FEMAIL takes a look at the most interesting reasons behind food packaging design… 

Elsewhere the white or black pad that you buy your raw meat in serves to adsorb active bacteria that could be dangerous to your health in its raw state

Cereal is packaged in a bag with in a box because in 1924 Kellogg’s first started selling cereal in a wax paper bag but technology didn’t exist to clearly print the company’s logo on a wax bag therefore they printed it on boxes and nowadays production would be much more expensive to change the way they print 

Sometimes packaging has a rich history as opposed to a practical reason such as Angostura Bitters the noticeably large label was originally a mistake after the two brothers who were redesigning the brand failed to check with each other about the bottle size however because the mistake was so eye-catching they left it and it remains the same 100 years later

You might wonder why a circular pizza comes in a square box but the answer is pretty simple actually. It is much cheaper to mass produce square boxes than round ones since a square box can be made from a single sheet of cardboard 

Dry dog food is packaged in thick plastic bags offer protection against pests and bugs, while also keeping out air and sunlight so the food stays fresh for up to 18 months 

Did you ever wonder why eggs comes in packs of 12? From around the 8th century to the 1960s in England, there were 12 pennies to a shilling. So if one egg cost a penny, it was convenient to buy 12 of them for one shilling

Manufacturers package bacon in airtight, vacuum-sealed packages to ensure the longest shelf life. However many might wonder why you can’t reseal the package and the reason is that re-sealable packages often introduce more oxygen to the package, which can cause the bacon to spoil faster once opened

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