Dreamy travel Instagram accounts for a little escapism

If everything feels a little bit heavy at the moment, live vicariously and mentally escape with these gorgeous travel Instagram accounts. 

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach. Instead of tapping keyboards, you can hear waves gently lapping at the sand. Your office’s bitingly cold air con is replaced for a warming ray of sunshine and instead of a beige cup of tea (with a blob of limescale floating on the top), you’re sipping a sweet cocktail.

That would be the dream, wouldn’t it? Whether you’re in the office or – as many of us now are – stuck inside at home under self-isolation, we’d all rather be enjoying the type of scene you’d typically find on a travel influencer’s Instagram grid.

Although it may be a teensy bit depressing, when we’re lying in our pyjamas eating Nutella from the jar, there’s nothing we love more than a bit of wanderlust.

Pouring over pictures of jungle hideaways in Bali or lakeside cabins in Slovenia makes us perversely happy. Even if we can’t go there ourselves – especially seeing as airlines are cancelling more flights everyday – we gain a certain type of satisfaction from living vicariously.

If you feel the same, we think you’ll love our curated list of travel Instagram accounts that provide ample escapism from the daily grind (or being under your duvet). 

  • Alice Tate

    UK-based PR manager and travel writer Alice Tate serves up a great mix of inspiration for staycations and further afield destinations. 

    From a luxe cabin by a lake in Ditchling to the quirkiest haunts to visit when on a trip to Paris, Tate has an eye for design and unique spots. 

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  • Wes Anderson Planet

    Now this is escapism in its purest form. This Wes Anderson-inspired account is dedicated to posting wonderfully weird locations all over the world, that resemble the director’s signature pastel style. 

    And if you like this, you’ll love our interior edit packed with Wes Anderson-esque home accessories. 

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  • Carley’s Camera

    We love that this travel photographer has such a signature look, capturing the most beautiful destinations in a fresh, light way. 

    Specialising in bleached neutral tones, looking at her Instagram grid is as refreshing as a cold gin and tonic. 

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  • Girl Gone Abroad

    As a digital nomad who works remotely all over the world, Lauren is constantly switching up her office environment and the pictures are enough to make us green with envy.

    From Florence to Marseille, we love browsing through her snaps of the beach, as well as gorgeous old buildings – but she has some great tips for Londoners, too. 

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  • The Tiny Nomad

    If beaches and palm trees are your kryptonite, journalist Charlotte is the person to follow. Her account is full of sun-drenched places like Dominican Republic and Tanzania, but she’s got some great city shots in there as well. 

    We love checking out her hotel recommendations, which are always chic and stylish.

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  • Aneta Michniak

    Aneta Michniak’s adventures around the world provide plenty of colourful travel inspiration, especially for outdoorsy types.

    Michniak favours trips out in the wild, from the desert to the mountains. We must say her pictures are so beautiful, they’ve got us willingly giving up dreams of a five-star boutique hotel for a tent under the stars. 

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