Dua Lipa And Brockhampton Are Consumed With Toxic Love On 'Sugar (Remix)'

Brockhampton have one-upped themselves, impossibly, and released an out-of-left-field remix of “Sugar” that features a bold Dua Lipa and R&B legend Jon B.’s supporting vocals. You read that right — this Jon B. It’s a completely fresh and necessary next chapter — with more of singer Ryan Beatty, who appears on the first version — that reinvents the mood with new Brockhampton dynamics. And it’s still as catchy as ever.

First thing’s first: Lipa’s verse. Hearing her step into Brockhampton’s fold is awesome because she claims the song as her own immediately, with her verse coming before everyone else’s. She sings on topic, exploring a consuming love that makes her look past all of its negatives. “Just to hear you call my name, I call to God / Selfishly, I keep it all for me,” she booms.

Elsewhere on the song, Dom McLennon’s verse has been removed and fresh contributions from Bearface, Matt Champion, Ryan Beatty, and Joba have been meshed in. There’s also Jon B.’s always smooth vocals that intertwine with Bearface’s in the third verse for a seriously sweet moment. Lipa appears again on the song’s final bone-chilling chorus, making her case to be the next member of the group that could always use more vocalists.

Brockhampton shared the video for the original version of “Sugar” in December. That song appears on their fifth studio album, Ginger, that dropped in August.

Check out the “Sugar (Remix)” video up above. You won’t find Dua Lipa, Jon B., Ryan Beatty, or just about all of Brockhampton in it. What you will see is member Matt Champion stuck in a basketball hoop with sore buttocks.

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