Fitness influencer slated over flat stomach after birth flaunts real mum tum

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has shown her fans her 'mum tum' after being slammed for setting an unrealistic standard for new mothers.

The 29-year-old, from Australia, only gave birth to a daughter Posy ten months ago.

But she's claimed she got back into shape as she showed off rippling abs in a video about her post-partum workout routine on social media.

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Tammy shared the snap as part of an ad to encourage pregnant women to take up her fitness programme – but was slammed for supposedly setting an "unrealistic" standard for new mums.

However, she has since addressed the backlash by sharing the reality of her 'mum tum' when she's unposed.

In the video, she was seen donning a thong bikini with brown bottoms and a strapless pink and orange top as she tensed her toned tummy, showing off her stunning figure.

She showed her body unposed and even swirled her fingers around her loose skin to apparently show the reality of her post-pregnancy body.

The influencer then wrote in the caption: "After having children I’m absolutely convinced a woman’s body is THE most POWERFUL/beautiful thing on this earth."

Instagram viewers have since praised her for being open about her body in the viral video as they took to the comments to share their opinions.

One user said: "I love that you’re showing all of it! Let’s be proud and healthy even if our bodies are not the same. It’s a beautiful thing and let’s embrace it!"

Another commented: "Yeah I’m not gonna lie having a baby did wonders for my confidence.

"I literally made a human being… I deserve the f**king world. And I won’t settle for anything less."

A third said: "Hottest mama on the planet!!"

"Superwoman. The body is crazy. Hard work pays off," a fourth wrote.

However, some people still took to the comments to accuse her of promoting an 'unrealistic' beauty standard to new mums.

But many have defended the mum – crediting her pregnancy fitness routine on the @tammyfitapp.


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