Get paid to go on a £5,000 shopping spree – and keep all your purchases

Treating ourselves feels good.

Whether it’s new clothes, skincare, shoes or foodie treats, we get instant pleasure when we purchase new goodies.

But one company is now on a mission to see exactly how a shopping spree can affect our bodies, so they’re willing to pay people to splash the cash – all in the name of science.

Online luxury marketplace Hush Hush is launching a new professional ‘spenders’ scheme to see how splurging impacts things such as heart rate and temperature.

Those taking part in the programme will be given a prepaid credit card to purchase high-value goods on – all while having their physical and mental behaviour tracked.

Individuals taking part will have £5,000 to spend over the course of eight hours – but will have to wear a heart rate monitor during the process.

Before and after every purchase, a medical professional will assess and record pupil dilation, body temperature, sweat and salivation levels.

Participants will also have to fill in a psychological survey when they buy something and then again one week later – to understand the long-term emotional impact of the purchase.

While it might sound like a fair bit of work, it’s actually a pretty sweet deal – as not only will spenders get to keep everything they buy, but they’ll also be paid a salary of £100 a day for their efforts.

Anyone looking to get involved must be over 18 and have no medical conditions that could impact the findings of the study – or their own personal health and safety. 

It’s also important that applicants are based near luxury shopping outlets – or can access them easily by transport.

What’s more, the Hush Hush team say that this opportunity will be better-suited to those who aren’t accustomed to spending large amounts of money on material items. So if you usually go on enormous spending trips, this one might not be for you. 

More details about the role and the application form can be found here.

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