Grandmother claims she's been abducted by aliens more than 52 times

Grandmother claims she’s been abducted by aliens more than 52 times in her life, has been aboard a UFO and says unusual bruises on her body are ‘proof’

  • Paula, 50, from Bradford, said she was abducted by aliens 52 times in total 
  • She claimed the paranormal occurrences started when she was six-years-old 
  • Added she had been on-board an alien spacecraft and showed technology
  • Claimed her bruises supported her story and had pictures of ‘UFOs’ 

A grandmother-of-two has claimed she has been abducted by aliens more than 52 times in her life and says she has bruises as proof of her intergalactic adventures. 

Paula, who doesn’t wish to disclose her surname, 50, from Bradford, said her first encounter took place when she was six-years-old and believes she has been on-board a UFO several times. 

The grandmother, who has ‘kept quiet’ about the encounters for most of her life, has now shared images of the bruises left on her body by ‘aliens’ following different encounters.

She has claimed ‘millions of people’ have had similar encounters, revealing: ‘There has been some backlash and people calling me “loony”, which isn’t nice by any means, but I can also totally understand why people struggle to believe it if they have never encountered such incidents themselves.’   

Bradford resident Paula, pictured, who doesn’t wish to disclose her surname, 50, has claimed she has been abducted by aliens more than 52 times in her life and says she has bruises as proof of her intergalactic adventures

The grandmother, who has ‘kept quiet’ about the encounters for most of her life, has now shared an image she drew of an alien after one of her intergalactic adventures 

Paula claimed: ‘I have experienced 52 paranormal incidents. Even I can’t believe the stories at times so I’m not surprised when others don’t believe me or the subject.

‘There’s no consistency with the experiences – but very few times I can sense something is about to happen, but I don’t know what to expect, it just happens.

‘There’s no warning and I can’t sense anything is going to happen. It just happens.’

Paula said her first encounter came in 1982, revealing: ‘I was in the woods and it was completely silent. The pathway became narrower and I could hear my heart thumping.

The grandmother-of-two said that she has found unusual bruises on her body, pictured, after the ‘abductions’ happened and said they were proof she had been in contact with aliens 

‘I recall looking into the darkness whilst my eyes adjusted I could see what looked a boomerang shape with an extra arm on it.

‘Each arm had a light at the end, I recall, three of the lights, one was blue, the other green, but I can not recall the other colour of the light.

‘I could describe it better as a propeller blade from an aeroplane.It was about 30 foot tall and 30 ft wide.

‘It was black with a green and blue light on the edges. It was turning clockwise at 1mph in complete silence.

Paula, pictured, said she has kept quiet about her story thoughout her life because she doesn’t want other people to think she is crazy

‘I remember trying to run but it felt like the ground was quicksand, like sinking into the ground, then everything went black.

‘According to my family, I had been missing for four hours but I have no recollection of what actually went on.

‘Ever since, the experiences haven’t stopped. I’ve been taken from my bedroom window and my bed.’

Paula claimed to have been in a UFO craft before, revealing:  ‘I saw touch screen devices before they were even out.

The grandmother claims she has successfully photographed a UFO by the Birmham Rocks in Yorkshire, pictured

A close up of the UFO photographed by Paula. The grandmother said she’s been on-board of alien space crafts before

‘I was on a craft and the aliens showed me technology we didn’t have. 

‘They showed me a slideshow of pristine scenery which had a beautiful river which then turned black.

‘The blue sky went blood red and I soon realised it was a movie of the earth being destroyed through man’s greed.’

Paula reveals she isn’t always ‘calm’ when she comes into contact with the aliens.

Paula has alleged she successfully photographed UFOs, and added she believed aliens had introduced her to forms of technology get to become available on Earth

She claims to have returned home with a triangle bruise on her face and fingerprint marks on her arm.

But Paula said despite the unusual experiences, she tries to lead as normal of a life as possible.

She said: ‘All I can do is carry on as normal otherwise I’d go crazy. 

Another picture of an UFO taken by Paul, who admitted some people had called her ‘loony’ after she had come forward with her story

‘When asked if I think I have a gift, my answer is no, definitely not. Perhaps those who do not have these experiences have a gift.

‘After all, who would want to carry this burden all their life, it not a club you’d want to join given the chance.’

 She said: ‘I didn’t tell anybody because I know people would think I am crazy. But there are thousands, if not millions of people like me out there who have similar experiences.

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