Gunna and Palm Angels Release "Just for P'Z" Tee

As blue “P” emojis continue to pop up over social media, inspired by Gunna‘s viral phrase “Pushing P,” the rapper and Palm Angels have collaborated on a special edition T-shirt in reference to the movement.

Over the past weeks, Gunna has been telling the world what’s P and what’s not. “If you hold the door for a lady, that’s P. Arguing with your partner about money ain’t P. We ain’t doing that. We’re pushing P,” Gunna explained on IG Live. “P don’t just mean player. P means paper, too. You can be pushing this P with paper.” When he and his crew got kicked off a private jet, Gunna publicly threw shade at the pilot making sure the world knew “Alex ain’t P.” In summary, P essentially means keeping it real.

The Gunna x Palm Angels tee comes in white with signature Palm Angels text across the chest and a spraypaint parking sign in place of P. The back displays blue “Just For P’Z” graffiti text and black bolded “PUSHIN P SINCE 2015” subtext.

The Palm Angels shirt, which retailed for $350 USD, sold out shortly on the Palm Angels website after the announcement. However, Pushin P merch is still available for pre-order on Gunna’s website.

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