Harry Potters Will Theakston unrecognisable decades later with sweet family

Harry Potter teen star Will Theakston took to his Instagram to post a series of photos with his family of three over Christmas, looking completely different from his youth.

Will, 37, starred in the film adaptation of JK Rowling's first book in the pop culture phenomenon, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001).

The actor played Terence Higgs, who was Slytherin's seeker in the Quidditch scenes

Will can be seen in Southfields and North Yorkshire, with both locations tagged in his posts over the holidays, where he was spending time with his family.

Since Harry Potter, Will has appeared in children's TV series CBBC's The Ghost Hunter and played a lead character role of Roddy, who makes friends with the ghost of a Victorian shoe-shine boy who is being hunted by the sinister Ghost Hunter.

Will also starred in CITV's Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land.

He played his namesake, Will, a more minor role in the programme loosely based on the stories of King Arthur.

Will is no longer acting, but has gone back to education – studying at Bristol University and recording music under the name Vonesvonic.

The former actor posted an Instagram photo of himself lifting his son up to put the star on top of the Christmas tree, on 11 December: "I can lift him up there now not sure for how much longer!"

In another Southfields post, the former Slytherin member was sleeping slumped in an armchair with his son sleeping sweetly in his lap.

On the 12 December post, the star wrote: "Christmas shopping with mummy was exhausting, for both of us! Not even 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' could keep us awake…"

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts is set to air on New Year's Day. The programme will celebrate two decades since the first of eight Harry Potter films – Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone – was released.

The whole cast and crew of the franchise will meet up again at Hogwarts, as actors and friends as opposed to a remake and things will get emotional.

The stars are frequently seen stating that they will always be bound for life through the films.

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