Heres How Two-Time World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Spends His Boxing Fortune

Tyson Fury is a British two-time world heavyweight boxing champion, having held the WBC and The Ring magazine titles since defeating Deontay Wilder back in 2020. Having also done some in-ring work for professional wrestling giants WWE, the “Gypsy King” has amassed a net worth of around $65 million.

As a result, Fury can afford to live a life of luxury, purchasing the most expensive and lavish of goods and services. In this piece, we’ll be taking you through just some of the things the popular fighter spends his hard-earned cash on.

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8 Amazing Holidays

Like most incredibly rich individuals, Tyson Fury enjoys using his money to take lavish vacations when the opportunity arises – and he’s been on some fantastic ones in recent years.

For example, on a 2022 jaunt to France, Fury and his wife Paris spent some time on an £18,000-a-night superyacht on the French Riviera, before spending the second half of their break in the luxury five-star Hotel Boscolo.

7 A Top Security Dog

Tyson Fury is a loving family man – he has a wife and six children – and he wants to protect them at all costs. For that reason, he recently purchased a security dog to guard his family home for a whopping £20,000.

The heavyweight champion used London-based Elite Protection Dogs to purchase the new Rottweiler, which he’s named “Cash”. The company also offers German Shepherds, Dobermanns and Cane Corsos – and it has an elite customer base that also includes former soccer star, Ashley Cole.

6 An Antique Recovery Truck

Ever the quirky individual, there was always going to be a bizarrely eccentric purchase on this list of Fury’s spending habits – and, sure enough, it comes in the form of an antique recovery truck.

The truck in question is a 1973 Bedford TK – and Fury unveiled his new prized possession when he uploaded a video of his wife sitting in the vehicle’s driver seat to Instagram.

5 Amazing Cars

In addition to his quirky recovery truck, Fury has a more typical collection of vehicles in the form of an impressive fleet of cars.

In 2022, he purchased a pair of Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II cars priced at a staggering £384,000 each. Other cars in his collection include a £140,000 Porsche Taycan and a more modest £20,000 Vauxhall Passat, which he uses to taxi his family around. Over the years, he’s also bought a stunning Ferrari GTC4Lusso worth around £250,000, a £65,000 Range Rover Sport SVR, a £150,000 Mercedes G Wagon and a 1993 Mini Cooper that would’ve cost no more than £10,000.

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4 Seaside Homes

When it comes to his homelife, Fury is very much a lover of Britain – and he doesn’t stray too far when it comes to buying houses to live in. He bought a £500,000 home for his family that overlooks Morecambe Bay in the northwest of England – quite near to where he was born in Manchester – but having people constantly knocking on their door has prompted them to move. They haven’t moved far, though, as they purchased a £1.7 million home – also in Morecambe – in 2021.

However, Fury does also own a £6 million mansion in Marbella and a pricey Las Vegas pad that has not had its value openly disclosed – but he and his family tend to use those properties more like holiday homes.

3 A £1200 Coffee Grinder

£1,200 (around $1,500) doesn’t necessarily sound like a lot of money – even to people who aren’t as rich as Tyson Fury – but to splash that much cash on a coffee grinder, you really do have to be an affluent individual.

That’s exactly what Fury did in the build-up to the final fight of his epic trilogy against Deontay Wilder. The grinder in question helped to fuel Fury and his team with delicious coffee during his grueling training camp.

2 Expensive Watches

Tyson Fury loves a nice bit of bling – and nothing says “bling” more than a hugely expensive watch. Fury has a number of them. Most notably, he was seen wearing a £60,000 gold diamond-encrusted Rolex at Wembley Stadium in the build-up to his 2022 fight with Dillian Whyte.

However, it’s far from the only lavish watch in his collection. Another example of his expensive wristwear includes a Rolex Sky-Dweller in 18k white gold – a watch that’s said to have a market value of $35,000.

1 An Energy Drink Business

No matter who you are or how much money you have, it’s always wise to have other irons in the fire. In Fury’s case, he’s invested some of his earnings into his own energy drink brand – which will, hopefully, provide an ongoing source of income for him once his sporting days are over.

The drink in question is called “Furosity” and was launched in early 2022 in a deal with Iceland stores. Fury’s intention is for the product to take over the energy drink market, trumping the likes of Red Bull and Monster in the process. Good luck to him!

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