I had no idea I was pregnant until I gave birth – I was size 10 & boozed often

A woman had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth after work.

Sally Smith had just finished a shift at a nightclub when she went into labour.

She describes it as the “most surreal experience” – especially given that she was still a trim size 10 and hadn’t felt “anything out of the ordinary”.

The 23-year-old had boozed at festivals Parklife and Glastonbury without knowing she was pregnant.

And even though she would get sick after drinking at work, she never thought she could have a baby on the way.

Sally said: "If I had a drink after work I was always sick and people would joke that I was pregnant and I’d be like ‘if I was pregnant, I’d be eight months pregnant now’ – that was kind of the running joke at work for a while.”

Back pain was another symptom that was brushed off by Sally.

Even though the aches were “really bad”, she assumed she’d pulled something in her back by moving heavy deliveries at work.

The nightclub worker explained: “Everything had an answer for – there was nothing out of the ordinary.”

In March last year, Sally found out the source off her pain when she fell asleep after a work shift.

She woke up with severe stomach cramps and called her sister for advice.

What is a cryptic pregnancy?

Cryptic pregnancy is a term used to described women who are unaware they are pregnant.

In these cases, they only find out they are expecting a child in the last few weeks of pregnancy or when they give birth.

This is because they don’t show typical signs like nausea, missed periods or abdominal swelling.

In some instances, women notice symptoms but mistake them for other things.

For more information on pregnancy, visit the NHS website.

Sally got into the bath, where she thinks her waters broke, and called paramedics to take her to hospital.

She recalled: “They walked in and I was lying on the floor and she said ‘well, we can see a head, you’re definitely having a baby’.

“That’s when I was kind of like ‘ok’… we got in the ambulance and we could already see his head and as we were pulling up to the hospital, that’s where I gave birth.”

While Sally was nervous about becoming a mum, her fears melted away when she had her son Gabriel.

She said: "When I was giving birth I remember thinking ‘well I can’t have a baby, I’m 23, I’ve just been promoted so how am I meant to look after a baby when I work such long hours?’”

Sally continued: "As soon as they put him on my chest I was alright because he was there and completely fine. I was just so calm.”

“Not to sound corny but I was just completely in love. I was like ‘right I’m fine, I’ll be able to do it because he’s here,' I was filled with love and totally obsessed with him from the start.”

The mum rang her ex-boyfriend, who is Gabe’s father, to tell him that she’d had a baby.

She dated him at university but they split up eight months before she fell pregnant.

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Sally said her ex has been “really supportive” – even though the pair couldn’t meet for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While becoming a mum has been a big adjustment, Sally wouldn’t change it for the world.

She describes Gabe as the “best thing” that ever happened to her.

Sally added: "He's just the cheekiest little lad in the world and is so funny.

"Just the loveliest little lad, he's just such a dream."

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