I hate the idea of a big family party but I don't want to let my parents down

DEAR DEIDRE: MY brother and sister-in-law have invited the world and his wife to their house-warming party next week and I’m dreading it.

I have spent most of the past year shielding and only agreed to go because ­originally they said it would be a small barbecue for me and my parents (who have always been in a bubble).

I’m a 36-year-old man and my brother is 34.

But last night I found out they have also invited my other sister and her family of five, as well three other cousins.

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I would have dropped out but Mum and Dad are dependent on me going because neither of them drive and my brother has moved to the back of beyond – it’s over an hour’s drive away.

I’m scared of going but also don’t want to let my parents down. They haven’t seen much of anyone this year.

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m sure your parents would not want you to do anything that would unnecessarily risk your or their health.

Can you ask your brother and sister-in-law if you could come before everyone else or, better still, on a different date?

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