Influencer slams others for showing best angles as she posts real bikini pic

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An influencer has encouraged fans to stop following other social media stars who "only post their best angles".

Body positive beauty Sophie Louise Hughes took to her Instagram page to make the plea while sharing a 'real' bikini snap of herself.

The pink-haired star, who boasts 28,000 followers, was seen posting two photos of herself in white-and-black polka dot swimwear side-by-side.

The left-hand shot saw Sophie pose for the photo as she covered her tummy with the high-waisted bikini bottoms.

However, in the right-hand photo, the influencer relaxed as she smiled naturally and let her stomach show.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "@inthestyle X Ash summer vacay collection just dropped and I have a little reminder for you babes.

"You know it’s all bulls**t and yet you still compare.

"Why do you do that honey? Why do you torture yourself? Why do you continue to allow someone else’s highlight reel to make you feel inadequate?

"Why do you still follow those babes who only post their best angles and leave you feeling sh***y.

"Repeat after me 'I AM NOT A BEFORE PHOTO'."

She continued: "It’s like bloody magic the way you can pull your hips back an inch and drop two dress sizes from one photo to the next.

"But for me the MAGIC is found in showing up in ALL my glory.

"For me the magic is found in encouraging you to do the same.

"I am not a before photo and I am worthy from every angle, in every minute, of every day."

Fans were loving the honest post, as many took to the comments section to support the star.

One wrote: "Love this! Looking absolutely stunning."

As another gushed: "Gorgeous in every way."

A third carried on with the compliments, as they told her: "You look amazing girl."

The influencer is known for her self-love posts, with her recently hitting headlines earlier this month as she took two different lingerie pics to show 'every body is summer ready'.

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