Influencer takes pics seconds apart to expose how weight gain is hidden

Social media star Bree Lenehan has taken to Instagram to show how weight gain can sometimes be hidden online.

The body positive influencer shared photos that had been taken seconds apart to show how posing and angles can make the body appear different.

The Australian beauty was seen wearing the same gym wear in each of the photos – showing how you can look different in the same outfit.

The first photo saw her show off her figure in a green sports crop top and matching leggings.

A photo on the lefthand side appeared to show her with a trimmer waist as she stood up tall, while on the right, her tummy was exposed as her body appeared slightly different.

She also took several other pictures rocking similar gym wear and stances.

Captioning the post, Bree told her 504,000 followers.

"I’ve gained weight this holiday season.

"It’s okay if you have too. It’s okay if your body feels a little more squishy, a little more bloated.

"It’s okay if you haven’t been able to workout. It’s okay if you’ve been enjoying family feasts & holiday snacks. It’s okay to wear a tight dress before a night of eating & enjoying your life.

"It’s okay to not show up online as this perfect version of yourself that you feel a need to be, because you as you are is so much more than enough.

"It’s okay to just make the most of your holidays and enjoy yourself, no guilt or stress attached.

It’s okay to jump in the group family/friend photo, even if you’re not feeling your best… Because in the years to come, you’ll be so glad you have a wonderful snapshot of that moment in time to look back on."

She continued: "This time of year can be so beautiful. So many memories can be made. If only we give ourselves grace & allow it.

"But it’s also okay to feel not so merry this festive season.

"I just hope to encourage you not to let the fear of your body changing, or being bloated, or eating & relaxing more than usual (etc) put a dampener on this holiday season.

"Here’s your permission to breathe & just be. Seasons come & go, routines change, memories are made & bodies will fluctuate, but you are always you. Be kind to yourself, okay? Fabulous!

"Happy Real Me Monday. I’m sending so much love to you this Christmas week!! I know for some of us it’s a merry time & for others it’s hard… mentally, financially, physically, emotionally. But you’re doing the very best you can. I see you! You’ve got this. Merry Christmas friends. Thanks for being here, your presence is the best present of all."

Fans were loving the post, as it racked up more than 11,000 likes.

One told her: "Well said," while another gushed: "You never fail to make my day."

A third chimed in: "Thank youuuuuu!!! I needed this."

The post comes after Bree was also praised recently for sharing 'real' snaps of her 'tummy rolls' on Instagram.

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