Inside Donald Trump And Melania’s Relationship Today

TBH, Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship should hardly be gossip column material anymore, but that doesn’t stop the Daily Mail from ogling at the couple when they eat together at Mar-a-Lago. You heard that right. Bookies might have made a fortune off of bets as to whether or not Melania would divorce Donald after the election (via Washington Post), but the two are still very much a couple. File that bit of not-all-that-surprising information under “it is what it is,” and move on. 

As The Guardian once reported, Melania Trump seems to have always known exactly what she wants out of her relationship with Donald. Take the time in 2016 that she took a rain check on moving into the White House while she renegotiated her prenup. In September 2020, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former senior adviser of Melania’s (and self-described former friend of the former first lady) confirmed to BBC what everyone had more or less suspected. “I do believe its a transnational marriage …  and Melania got two dynamic decades” out of the deal, she said.  

People’s got new info as to the state of Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship today and it turns out that after Donald, Melania and Barron had a Mother’s Day lunch at Mar-a-Lago, Donald left for Bedminister, New Jersey alone. Don’t sound the divorce bells yet. 

Melania has her relationship with Donald 'down to a science'

A source told People that Melania intends to divide her time between taking care of her son and his school priorities and spending time with her husband. “She has their relationship down to a science,” said the insider. “She does what she wants and also continues as Mrs. Trump, so it’s unlikely to expect much out of the order at this point.”

People’s info closely aligns with biographer Mary Jordan’s version of Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage. “I don’t know any couple that spends as much time apart,” Jordan told The Guardian. “They are often in the same building, but nowhere near each other … She likes to be isolated. She is a loner. He is a loner.” It also closely echoes CNN’s recent profile, which reported that Melania has been an all-but ghost around Mar-a-Lago. When she does emerge from her afternoons spent with Barron and her sometimes twice-daily trips to the spa, however, she seems “happy and relaxed.”

And even if Donald and Melania are happiest when together-but-apart, a hairstylist who once worked for Melania, Lino Carbosiero, swears the two have real feelings for each other. “They really have this little bond, they giggle and they laugh and it’s really sweet actually,” he told “Lorraine” in 2020 (via Daily Mail).

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