Inside wild Bongo’s Bingo parties where revellers twerk and get trollied

Party animals are ditching raves in favour of evenings playing bingo.

And if you think this involves a quiet night surrounded by half-asleep grannies, you’d be very wrong.

Bongo’s Bingo has made the experience a wild one.

The company offers revellers the opportunity to twerk, booze and make fools of themselves as they cross numbers from their booklets.

It also throws quirky prizes into the mix, along with amusing punishments for those who call Full House when they haven’t actually won.

And let’s not forget the hilarious time a Bongo’s guest knocked her eyelashes out with a double-ended dildo.

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As the trend is hugely popular in 2020, Daily Star Online went to one of the events to see what all the fuss is about.

There are Bongo’s venues across the UK – and the game is even played in Australia, Dubai and Ibiza.

But to make things as easy as possible, I grabbed a few of my mates and headed to nearby Steel Yard in London Bridge.

World’s apart from your typical brightly-lit bingo hall, the room was nestled under atmospheric railway arches.

And unlike the boredom of waiting for an underground train, we were immediately thrown into the festivities.

Hosts handed us our booklets and we scouted around for a spot to sit down in.

The layout consists of benches and huge tables, giving everyone the opportunity to mingle (and maybe have a cheeky flirt) with excitable strangers.

First stop was the well-stocked bar, where you can buy bundles of beer or bottles of plonk for your friends.

Bongo’s gives you plenty of time to get trollied before the fun starts – and we were definitely feeling it when the DJ hit the stage.

As a 10 second countdown flashed up on the screen, partygoers climbed up on top of their benches in anticipation.

And when the Venga Boys blared through the speakers, everyone prepared to dance the night away.

After Irish jigging to B*Witched’s C’est La Vie, and kicking our legs along to Dexy Midnight Runners’ Come On Eileen, we were more than ready for a night of cheesy bingo playing.

The hosts, dressed in naff Disney costumes and blonde wigs, began calling out numbers at lightning speed.

And as we all chugged wine and struggled to keep up, people inevitably started calling bingo by accident.

Instead of letting these drunken players’ mistakes slide, Bongo’s workers let everyone know about the error by dishing out an amusing punishment.

Hasty bingo callers are told to stand up on their tables, while hundreds of fellow revellers shout d*ckhead at them.

So what do you actually win if you shout bingo at the right time?

Prizes on the night were incredibly random, from a Will Smith cardboard cut-out to a Henry vacuum cleaner and George Foreman grill.

Full House winners got the best deal though, as they’re handed a wad of cash.

Sadly none of us went home with any winnings, but we did borrow a bloke’s Fresh Prince cut-out to pose for a picture with.

By the end of the night, there were no sore losers as everyone was too pre-occupied with twerking and drinking to care.

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So can we see why Bongo’s Bingo is so hyped?


The nights out cater to everyone over the age of 18 – including grannies who want to liven up their bingo nights.

Event organisers told Daily Star Online that the wild game had recently been enjoyed by Anne Gandy, who celebrated her 91st and 90th birthdays at one of the venues in Liverpool.

It’s also loved by students looking to get sloshed, women on hen-dos and singletons looking to socialise.

You can take a look at upcoming events online – and tickets retail from around £25.

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