Jeff Lewis Shares New Photo of Daughter Monroe After Claiming Ex Can't 'Handle' 50/50 Custody

Jeff Lewis is making it clear that he’s here for his daughter amid his ongoing custody battle with ex Gage Edward.

On Thursday, as the Flipping Out alum gave an update on how their legal proceedings are going on his Sirius XM Radio Show Jeff Lewis Live, he also shared a new photo of their 3-year-old daughter Monroe Christine.

In the Instagram shot, which was shared without a caption, Monroe wears a pink dress and a pair of matching shoes as she strikes a pose in the kitchen.

Last month, Lewis revealed that Edward served him with court documents requesting legal support, equal shared custody of Monroe and a request to change her legal name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis. When reached previously by PEOPLE, Edward said, “I cannot comment on pending litigation.”

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Jeff Lewis Says Daughter Is ‘Biologically My Child’ as He Rails Against 50/50 Custody Proposal

On Thursday’s episode of the show, Lewis claimed that their ongoing legal battle isn’t about custody, but allegedly about money.

“The reason, in my opinion, he wants 50 percent custody is because he wants maximum child support. If that is the case, let’s sit down. I’ll be far more generous if we could just sit down and work it out,” he said. “But I’m fighting for the best interest of my child.”

Although he has nothing but wonderful things to say about Gage as a father, Lewis does have doubts about whether Edward could handle more responsibility than he currently has.

“Gage and I, I think we’re coparenting fine together. I’m very careful, I never say anything negative about him [in front of Monroe]. I actually think he’s a good dad. A really good dad!” he added. “But I don’t think he can handle any more than what he’s got going on.”

“My child’s with me 70 percent of the time. She’s happy. She’s well-adjusted,” he said.

Lewis went on to claim that he’s willing to be flexible about what days they’re allowed to spend with their daughter.

“It’s so funny because, he said to me this last Wednesday — Wednesday was my day. And he said to me, ‘Look, I’d love to take her on this field trip for her preschool.’ I said, ‘I can’t do it, I’ve got radio, I’ve got this, absolutely take her,’ ” he said. “That’s what life will look like when we get along. I’m not so married to Tuesdays ,Thursdays and Sundays.”

He continued, “If he wants to take her on a field trip on Wednesday, fine. If he wants to show up at her music class on Saturday, fine.”

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Lewis also accused Edward of not being honest with him.

“He’s not honest. He hasn’t been honest. For the last year he told me he didn’t want child support. He lied to me to my face,” he said, claiming that everything changed before they were about to put together a custody schedule in December.

“We weren’t married. We never got married. And she’s biologically my child,” he added. “I just think that complicates things.”

According to California State Law, both Lewis and Edward have equal parental rights to Monroe, regardless of biology, because both of their names are listed on Monroe’s birth certificate as her parents.

Lewis and Edward initially separated in January 2019 before Lewis announced they had officially split in February. Edward moved into a new apartment, while Lewis stayed in the family home.

They previously had an informal shared custody arrangement that they coordinated themselves, but when, according to Lewis, communication and goodwill between the pair began to break down, they involved their lawyers to try to create an official custody deal, which has not yet been finalized.

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