Kate Middleton uses urgent speech to show power: Duchess is more dynamic

Kate Middleton on The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood

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Kate Middleton mostly stayed out of the limelight before her wedding to Prince William in 2011. Since then, she has shown her growing role in the Royal Family and has appeared to take on more duties.

In recent years, the Duchess of Cambridge has spoken out to support causes she supports.

Just last week she launched the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood which aims to offer support during early childhood.

Kate made the announcement and shared more information on the foundation through a series of posts shared on social media.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, body language and speech expert Judi James commented on recent speeches the Duchess has made.

She explained the royal’s speech techniques appear to have changed to show growing urgency.

The expert highlighted a speech the Duchess made regarding her new foundation.

Judi said: “Kate illustrates the theme of change in her own performance.

“Dropping some of her self-effacing rituals, this is a more emphatic and dynamic version of Kate.”

Judi explained Kate’s recent body language has also changed as she shows her “strong feelings”.

“She has been very sparing with her hand gestures in previous speeches,” the expert continued. 

“But here we can see around fifteen different gestures that are all congruent with her words in a very short clip.

“The need to gesticulate adds to her air of total commitment to this cause and suggests ‘trapped energy’, as though she might really have preferred to stand up to really let rip with her strong feelings.”

While her body language and speech style seems to have changed during her most recent speeches, Judi added her “charisma” is still obvious.

This could help the Duchess add “strength and power” to campaigns she is taking part in.

Judi said: “Kate’s style and her charisma here are still very ‘Kate’ though and that should add strength and power to her campaign.

“Her passion and her knowledge of the subject both look strong and inspirational and her moments of modesty (including a fall-back position hand clasp) make this feel less like a telling-off or lecture and more like an empathetic recruitment drive.”

The Duchess of Cambridge carried out her first solo engagement just six months after her wedding to Prince William. 

Her speaking style appeared to change as her confidence grew, Judi explained. 

She said: “Kate clearly has the natural ‘stardust’ factor that her husband lacks, but her speech-making style has previously been over-cautious, led by what looks like a strong desire to get it right and avoid mistakes. 

“The likeability factor has always been dominant, meaning her delivery has been very ‘royal ribbon-cutter’, i.e. the kind of formal speech style royals use when they’re launching a ship or opening a building. 

“Recently though, Kate has appeared to be almost as keen to give her speeches the ‘wow’ factor as her husband.”

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