Learn Photoshop, Lightroom and more in this 20-course bundle

When it comes to photography, you know exactly how to operate all of your hardware — point and shoot cameras, lenses, camera straps and carrying cases, lighting equipment, and rolls of film, you name it. But where your skills are sorely lacking is in the software department.

While your camera can yield fine results with its automatic settings, understanding how to enhance the lighting and color gradients of your final image, as well as knowing how to remove subjects from the background and retouch portraits can help turn an otherwise basic photo into a truly outstanding one.

It is why all photographers —hobbyists and seasoned professionals alike— should have some form of Photoshop training under their belt. A comprehensive, online training resource that can help is The Pro Photography & Photoshop 20 Course Bundle (now $39.99).

Think of this as the ultimate photo editing training. The bundle is comprised of a whopping 20 courses (which include Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and GIMP deep dives) which are further broken down into 1,026 practical, digestible lessons. The collection provides artists with real-life projects to work on so they can hone in on their editing skills, whether that be wedding portrait retouching or website design.

And, you won’t learn from just anyone, either. Chris Parker a professional photographer who has over three decades of experience as well as advanced training in Photoshop and Lightroom leads the bundle. And, during the course of his online training career, Parker has taught nearly 150,000 students how to master both basic and advanced photo editing skills.

And, thanks to the bundle’s lifetime access, digital students can move as quickly or as slowly through the whopping 119 hours of content offered. Plus, once they are finished all of the coursework, they can still reference Parker’s lessons and training materials whenever they need a quick refresher.

While an online course bundle of this caliber would normally cost digital students over $1,900, you can enroll right now for only $39.99.

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