Logan Paul vows to beat Floyd Mayweather and RETIRE without giving boxing legend rematch ahead of fight

LOGAN PAUL vowed to beat Floyd Mayweather and then retire immediately after – without giving the boxing legend a rematch.

The YouTuber faces Mayweather in an exhibition bout on June 6 in Miami.

All hell broke loose in the pre-fight press conference, as Logan and his brother Jake were involved in a brawl with Mayweather's entourage.

But beforehand, the brothers flew in from Puerto Rico on a private jet.

And Logan captured the moment he discussed overcoming the odds in unthinkable fashion and walking away on top.

He said: "I'm about to send Floyd back to retirement – and then retire myself and not give him the rematch."

Logan has been preparing for the fight in Puerto Rico having left his mansion in Los Angeles.

And he also poked fun at Mayweather, 44, who SunSport revealed kicked his stripper partner out of his £8million Las Vegas home to focus on training.

Logan, 26, said: "This is a f****** fight fight, they're saying it's an exhibition but it's not.

"What exhibition is 8×3 minute rounds? B**** I'm in training camp! So is he.

?MAYWEATHER VS LOGAN PAUL: Where will the fight take place, what TV channel and live stream will it be on?


"He kicked his stripper fiancee out of his mansion so he could focus on this fight. I've seen the headlines. I've seen them.

"He kicked her out so he could focus. He said, 'No more b****es."

Logan also documented the moment brother Jake, 24, stole Mayweather's hat, sparking a mass melee.

Jake claimed a security member punched him in the face while his older brother was forced to help intervene.

Logan was left fuming with the ugly scenes, which has led to his brother being BANNED from the fight, as he risked putting himself in danger.

He said: "F***ing do my best to protect the kid.

"But he makes it really f***ing hard because as I'm f***ing running in, trying to separate people, I'm concerned for my health.

"I catch a f***ing fist, a knee to the face, whatever it is, break a wrist when you're hitting someone, then now my s***s f***ed.

"Now I miss the opportunity of a lifetime."

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